Some Examples Of Hair Dryers in Mind Control Fiction.

Hair dryers have appeared quite often in mind-control movies and fiction. What follows is just a few examples:

Mind-controlling hair dryers appear in the movie "In Like Flint", although there they are used for exactly the opposite purpose of the one I put them to here. Hair dryers and drugged shampoo are used together in an episode of the Bionic Woman TV show called "Brainwashed" although there they are just used to extract information. There is a very good series of books published by The Reluctant Press where a major theme involves the use of mind-controlling hair dryers to turn women into submissive housewives. They are books 28, 29 and 30 and go under the title of "America Transformed". Because they are released by the Reluctant Press, the stories have certain trangender elements, but they also contain some great mind-control material.

Since I originally created this document, I had pointed out to me that the mind-controlling device employed in the movie "Revenge of the Stepford Wives" also looks very much like a hair dryer.


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